I was HERE from the moment of the

Beginning, and here I am still. And

I shall remain here until the end

Of the world, for there is no

Ending to my grief-stricken being.

I roamed the infinite sky, and

Soared in the ideal world, and

Floated through the firmament. But

Here I Am, prisoner of measurement.

I heard the teachings of Confucius;

I listened to Brahma's wisdom;

I sat by the Buddha under the Tree of Knowledge.

Yet here am I, existing with ignorance

And Heresy.

I was on Sinai when Jehovah approached Moses;

I was the Nazarene's miracles at the Jordan;

I was in Medina when Mohammed visited.

Yet here I am, prisoner of bewilderment.

Yet here I am, prisoner of bewilderment.

Then I witnessed the might of Babylon;

learned of the glory of Egypt;

I viewed the warring greatness of Rome.

Yet my earlier teachings showed the

Weakness and sorrow of those achievements.

I conversed with the magicians of Ain Dour;

I debated with the priest of Assyria;

I gleaned depth from the prophets of Palestine.

Yet, I am still seeking the truth.

                                                       ---Song of Man

Classic poem shared by Henry Smalls